Additional Classes

These classes are being offered on demand in addition to my regular class schedule.  Please inquire if you are interested in one of these.

Really Reliable Recall

The Really Reliable Recall is having your dog come immeiately when called, the 1st time you call him, no matter what he is doing.  It works at a distance when he is with other dogs, greeting other people, chasing squirrels or sniffing in holes.  He doesn’t think, he doesn’t decide, he just comes to you.  It’s not your everydat recall that you use countless times/day.  It’s your emergency recall: the one you when you need an instant response.  It keeps your dog safe and gives you peace of mind.

4 weeks:  $80, Prerequisite:  Kindergarten Puppy, Family Dog Manners 1 or instructor evaluation.

Dogs Having Fun (tricks)

Would you like your dog to ride a skateboard?  How about weave in and out of your legs or walk on your feet with you.  What else sounds like fun?  This class is designed to help you teach your dogs to do some fun tricks.  We will add a new trick each week; it can be one I have in mind or one you want to teach.

4 weeks: $80, Prerequisite: Family Dog Manners or instructor evaluation