Dog Shop

Dog Food and Health:

 As important as training is, a dog needs a proper diet and good health to be both physically and mentally balanced.  Here are 2 links I use to feed my own dogs.  To research the quality of dog food you are feeding, go to The Dog Food It rates countless brands of dog food for quality and ingredients.

As for supplements, this is what I feed all my dogs and I can’t recommend their products highly enough.  Go to Nature’s and enter your email address to save 10% on your order. I add these to my dog’s food from birth thru old age, thru breeding and gestation.  My 2 favorite products are the Probiotic Max and the Ultimate.  If you are interested in learning to feed homemade, they have great advice, help and support to get you going

Books/Training Aids/supplies

Click on the picture you see here below for training equipment, books and videos. There is also an extensive on-line library for you to enjoy free of charge, available at this site.