Really Reliable Recall

The Really Reliable Recall is having your dog come immediately when called, the 1st time you call him, no matter what he is doing.  It works at a distance when he is with other dogs, greeting other people, chasing squirrels or sniffing in holes.  He doesn’t think, he doesn’t decide, he just comes to you.  It’s not your everyday recall that you use countless times/day.  It’s your emergency recall: the one you when you need an instant response.  It keeps your dog safe and gives you peace of mind.This skill is one that is developed with consistent work and repetition.  A ‘knee-jerk’  response, one that is automatic, takes time to develop.  This class will give you the foundation needed to create that reliable response.

4 weeks:  $100, Prerequisite: Family Dog Manners 1 or instructor evaluation.