Dog Training & Puppy Training Classes

Whether you have a new dog or puppy needing to learn sits, downs and stays, or you’re wanting to take your dog’s training to the next level with tricks or competitive dog sports, Anything’s PAWsable has the right program to meet your goals. Please select from classes listed below.

Puppy Classes

From socialization and confidence building exercises, play-skills, & dog communication, to the basics & beyond – my classes will help you raise a confident puppy who is ready for anything.

Basic Training Classes

Have a dog who doesn’t understand the boundaries of living in a human world? I’ll help you teach your dog everything from basics to advanced manners & recall.

Dog Sports Classes

Whether its Dog Agility classes, Rally, Competition Obedience or show-ring Conformation, Anything’s Pawsable has a class to suit your Dog Sports needs.

AKC Titles Classes

Have fun teaching your dog new behaviors while engaging his mind! There are a number of different titles that dogs of any breed or mixed breed can earn from the American Kennel Club.

Why Hire A Certified Positive Reinforcement Trainer?

The professional dog training industry is widely unregulated. This means anyone can jump in and call themselves a dog trainer without having actually studied training methods and their effects, canine psychology and the science of how learning in the animal’s brain actually takes place. More than being ineffective, an uneducated “dog trainer” can inflict irreparable damage to a dog’s behavior & trust of humans. When hiring a dog trainer with certifications, you’re getting peace of mind knowing they’ve been vetted by an objective, third-party certifying body such as the CCPDT. Additionally, dog trainers who want to keep their accreditations must regularly attend continuing education workshops & education events to stay up-to-speed with science-based modern dog training techniques.