Why Take This Class?


The Canine Good Citizen Class is a great follow-up from the Family Dog Manners Class.  In that class your dog learned basic skills, the most challanging be loose-leash walking. 

Even though he has mastered his skills in certain situations, such as the house or the back-yard, the distractions of going out in public, meeting other people and other dogs, can cause him to struggle to be successful with his newly acquired skills.

This class builds those foundation skills into practical applications, such as sitting outside having coffee or ice cream in town, going to the vet clinic, walking down main-street, etc.  We are building layers of understanding for your dog.  As dogs don’t ‘generalize’ information well, we have to help them to learn how to do what they learned so they can apply the information/learning here, over there, and out there.  This is a challange for the dog, but he can be successful.

The purpose of the American Kennel Clubs Canine Good Citizen program is to help dogs master their skills in public settings.  This class focuses on those goals, especially the meeting of strangers without going silly/crazy.  Calm and polite is what we are teaching.

We practice the skills indoors and outside (weather permitting) at my facility and then the last 2 weeks of class we go to public settings to help prepare the dog for this new level of distraction.  The last week you the AKC Canine Good Citizen test is given, and your dog can earn his AKC CGC Title. 

Your dog does not have to be an AKC  purebred dog to earn AKC titles.  You can submit you and your dog’s information and get an AKC number for mixed breeds or a purebred without papers. I have the information for this or you can go to AKC.org to learn more.

Click here learn more about AKC Titles classes offered by Anything’s PAWSable.

Price:  $140 for 6 weeks including the CGC test

Why Learn With Anything’s PAWSable?


Regardless of our vision of how our dog will act or perform, a solid foundation is critical. This foundation must be built upon the dog feeling confident in whatever we are asking it to do. The dog needs to understand and trust the process. We cannot ‘assume’ that he ‘knows it’. Dogs always do the BEST they can with the EDUCATION they are given in the ENVIRONMENT we are asking them to perform in. All of Anything’s PAWSable classes are designed to build layers of understanding for your dog to help him be more successful. Both group classes and individual assistance are available.