Our In-Home Good Start Puppy Package consists of 5 hours of private training.   Usually this consists of 4 one hour consultations in your home and a 1 hour session out in public.

Virtual live on-line is also being offered to assist those who aren’t able to take their puppy out.  There is much I can help you with this way, so please don’t hesitate to inquire about this way of learning.

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Getting a puppy or any new dog is very exciting. Your dog starts learning the minute he enters your home.  These early weeks are often overlooked as being the most formative in a dog’s life.  Bad habits that develop at this stage can persist into adulthood.   Learn how to make the most of those crucial first days of puppy-hood.  We cover anything and everything you will need to start off on the right foot.

Any concerns or questions you may have will be addressed in the first consultation and you will be provided with a package (usually thru e-mail) containing handouts for the material covered in your sessions.

Some Puppy areas that will be covered are:puggle tearing up toilet papaerIMG958135

  • House training – where, how often, what if an accident happens
  • Containment – where, when, how long
  • Focus and attention
  • How to avoid inappropriate biting and chewing
  • How to avoid bad habits – such as resource guarding, jumping up, barking
  • Basic cues – sit, down, leave it, hand targeting
  • Greetings and door manners
  • Name game –  beginnings of your recall foundation
  • Clicker training – basic shaping and trick training
  • Basic care and feeding

For more information contact me by email or by phone (406) 270-5382

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