Why Does My Dog Act Like This?

Whether it’s leash reactivity, resource guarding, fear issues, or other behavior problems, having a dog with behavioral concerns can be frustrating, overwhelming, & stressful. Anything’s Pawsable will help you overcome your dog’s unwanted behaviors, creating a more harmonious relationship for you and your dog. Do you have concerns with any of the following?

“Our Dogs are always doing the best they can with the knowledge and education we have given them in the environment they are in.  “Susan Garrett”

Dogs do what is natural for dogs. Dogs are not being stubborn, vengeful, spiteful, calculating, or many other adjectives…they are just being dogs. If they are doing something we don’t want them to do, it is up to us to teach them, in strategic layers, how to make the good choices that we want them to make.

I will do my best to help you help your dog so he can be the best he can be.  After all, it’s just behavior….and we can train that!

Why Train With Anything’s PAWSable?

Why Hire a Certified Positive Reinforcement Trainer?
The professional dog training industry is widely unregulated. This means anyone can jump in and call themselves a dog trainer without having actually studied training methods and their effects, canine psychology and the science of how learning in the animal’s brain actually takes place. More than being ineffective, an uneducated “dog trainer” can inflict irreparable damage to a dog’s behavior & trust of humans. When hiring a dog trainer with certifications, you’re getting peace of mind knowing they’ve been vetted by an objective, third-party certifying body such as the CCPDT. Additionally, dog trainers who want to keep their accreditations must regularly attend continuing education workshops & education events to stay up-to-speed with science-based modern dog training techniques.