Dog Training Classes Registration

Pre-registration Is a Must!                               Click to Register

DO NOT take Credit cards at this timethough that may change in the future.  I do take cash or checks.

To reserve your spot in one of the training classes, please register on-line on the class schedule calendar so I know what to expect.  

Most classes are weekly and progress at a certain pace.  Please be sure you can attend all of the classes before signing up.  Missed classes can be made up for an additional fee.

Family members are always welcome to observe your and your dog in training class.

Required Vaccines: for all dogs taking dog training classes (excluding baby puppies) are 1 vaccine given at 16 weeks of age or later and should include:  Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza  administered 10 days prior to the start of class.  Rabies should have been given by 1 yr of age. I do not require proof of annual vaccines, in accord with Dr Ronald  Schultz, DVM, Dr Jean Dodds, DVM, and others.

If you are enrolling for Puppy Start Right training classes, Anything’s “PAWSable Dog Training follows the advice of The American Veterinarian Society of Animal Behavior and The American Animal Hospital Association regarding vaccines required before attending Puppy Socialization classes. You can find this information on the Puppy Classes page. 

If your dog is showing any signs of not feeling well, such as loose stools, lethargy, vimiting, coughing, runny eyes or nose, please DO NOT bring him to class.  We want to keep all pets healthy.  I recomend  a call or visit to your veterinarian  to ensure your dog is well.

All classes are non-refundable without a veterinarians written lettter stating that your dog is unwell and unable to attend, or if you have been unwell.   You can then reschedule to join in anther class when you or your dog are again well.

Items Needed for Dog Training Classes

  1. The signed Liability Release  (click here to print and fill out, then bring with you)
  2. Your healthy dog (the easy part)
  3. A regular properly-fitted collar, harness, or head halter (gentle leader); NO choke chains, prong collars, E-collars, retractable leads; stretchable leads strongly discouraged
  4. A 6 foot lead
  5. A training treat pouch that is easy to access quickly that will not easily spill treats (they are available from me if you need one); Ziplock bags Not Allowed
  6. A clicker (provided by me with enrollment)
  7. Doggy pick-up bags (please  potty your dog outside before entering the training area)
  8. LOTS of small, uniform healthy treats: the size of a pea or smaller, not crumbly or hard/crunchy (I use Fresh-Pet Select Dog Food to train)
  9. optional:  a chew bone or stuffed Kong for your dog to engage with during ‘down’ time

Please follow the speed limit on the road when you come to class, thank you.