Why Do Pet Dogs Need Exercise?

Anything’s PAWSable Dog Training is recognized as an American Kennel Club Fit Dog Club.  Earn AKC Fit Dog Certifications!

Pets recognize all the same health benefits of physical activity that humans do: increased performance, decreased risk of injury, lowered stress levels, better sleep habits, and a healthier body and mind. More than 50% of dogs in the US are overweight; 20% of those dogs are considered clinically obese.  Siimple fitness exercises stimulate the dog’s brain and body, helping eliminate problem behaviors and curb boredom and anxiety.

AKC Fit Dog Class uses equipment from both KLIMB and Fit Paws to engage the dogs muscles in slow precise motions while focusing on proper from for safety.  This class also really helps dogs learn to slow down mentally and focus, all the while exercising core and stabilizer muscle groups.  The peices of equipment needed for class are provided, but are also available for purchase if desired.

The benefits of this class include:
  • Mental and physical stimulation
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Increased strength, flexibility, and cariovascular health

LEVEL 1: The AKC Level One course is designed to teach foundation skills for a fitness program.  It is very important to note that this program does not address any physical therapy or rehabilitation cases; it is not appropriate for dogs recovering from injuries or post-surgery.  The class is not for dogs that are in pain.  Special condsiderations need to be thoughtfully addressed for puppies or obese dogs.  The equipment used and provided are the KLIMB, traction mat, cavalettis, feed pan (for pivots), and paw targets.

Cost:  $175/6weeks

LEVEL 2:  AKC Level Two builds on the skills and concepts taught in Level One while keeping the same purpose in mind.

This class uses KLIMB with traction mats, assorted height legs, and Propel Air Platforms.

Cost: $175/6 weeks 

Why Train With Anything’s PAWSable?

Safety is of utmost importance when exercising our dogs.  Anything’s PAWSable has  been certified through the American Kennel Club on how to teach a Canine Fitness Class.  Don’t accept less for your dog than you do from your own fitness instructor!