Bite issues, reactivity and aggression in dogs are human created problems. Dogs are not born this way; they are a product of their environment. We need to help the next generation learn how to understand a different species and treat them with knowledge and respect. To own a dog does not mean one understands dogs. Humans are the leading cause of death in dogs.

Children and Bite Prevention

Do You Think These Photos Are Cute, or Do They Cause a Pit in Your Stomach

Half of all children are bitten by a dog by the time they are 12 years old. Seventy-five% of these bites are from a dog the child knows. Why does your dog:

  • lick his lips if he didn’t just have a cookie           
  • yawn if he didn’t just wake up from a nap
  • Are all tail wags happy?
  • Are all ‘hackles up’ aggression?

Learn how to read what these and many other body language cues really mean. Learn to speak dog! I use the Doggone Safe materials and program to help people understand their dog’s body language. The material will be offered either by private consultation or through a presentation.

Would you pet anyone of these dogs below?      Are you certain that you know how to read a dog’s body language?                              Certain enough to risk a loved one’s life?      Or bet me a $100 bill that you are correct?

Doggone Safe- Be A Tree 

The Be a Tree Program is a dog bite prevention seminar program used to teach families how to read dog body language and how to act safely around their own dog and strange dogs.                               


This will also be offered periodically at Anything’s PAWSable’s facility as a 11/2 to 2 hour session for small or large groups.


Please call me if you want to learn more or want to schedule either an appointment or book me to teach a group

The presenter uses large format photos to teach how to read dog body language and how to act safely around dogs. They learn how to know if a dog is anxious, uncomfortable, or worried and what they can do, especially if they may be caught unaware, such as out in public.

I suggest that you look at Google Images of children and dog bites to get a glimpse of the seriousness of this subject.

Note:  Every single dog in all these photographs is NOT safe for children to pet and 100% are communicating a discomfort towards the situation they are in.

Dogs & Storks and Dogs & Toddlers

Debi Buchholz is a certified presenter for Family Paws Parent Education program. Through our two International programs, Dogs & Storks® and the Dogs &Toddlers™, we support new parents with dogs and nurture safe and harmonious relationships among all family members, human and canine.

Dogs & Storks

Dogs & Storks® is an international program that helps expecting families with dogs get ready for life with baby. We offer positive, practical, and fun solutions to challenges that often arise when a family with a dog adds a new baby to the household.

  • Answers to your questions about babies and safe
  • Must-know information for expecting parents with dogs
  • Practical solutions, from do-it-yourself techniques to hands-on help
  • Thorough preparation, because prevention is the best cure
  • Ongoing support through your baby’s first year
                                                       The Dogs & Storks® program was created by a certified dog behavior consultant and mother of four

Dogs & Toddlers

Dogs & Toddlers™ is an International program that helps families with dogs and toddler-age children create safety and harmony at home. We offer positive, practical, and fun solutions to challenges that often arise in families with dogs during your child’s early development years.

  • Answers to your questions about toddlers and safety
  • Must-know information for parents who have toddler-age children and dogs
  • Advice about common trouble spots between toddlers and dogs in a home
  • Practical solutions, from do-it-yourself techniques to hands-on help
  • Insight into how your changing family dynamics may affect your dog. 

                                                            Dogs & Toddlers™ program was created by a certified dog behavior consultant and mother of four.

Why Learn With Anything’s PAWSable?

Why Hire a Certified Positive Reinforcement Trainer?
The professional dog training industry is widely unregulated. This means anyone can jump in and call themselves a dog trainer without having actually studied training methods and their effects, canine psychology and the science of how learning in the animal’s brain actually takes place. More than being ineffective, an uneducated “dog trainer” can inflict irreparable damage to a dog’s behavior & trust of humans. When hiring a dog trainer with certifications, you’re getting peace of mind knowing they’ve been vetted by an objective, third-party certifying body such as the CCPDT. Additionally, dog trainers who want to keep their accreditations must regularly attend continuing education workshops & education events to stay up-to-speed with science-based modern dog training techniques.