What Is Family Dog Manners Class?

The goal of the Family Dog Manners class is to establish a mutual bond and appropriate relationship between families and the dogs living with them. Using methods based on positive reinforcement, I will teach you how to communicate with your dog. Skills, about 15 in total, such as attention, targeting, self-control, walking politely on leash, coming when called, sit, down, stay and more are taught.

This class is 6 weeks in length and includes approximately 8 1/2 hours of class time, beginning with a 2 hour orientation for humans only, no dogs, and is followed by 5 classes with your dog of 1.25 hour each. Attendance at orientation is mandatory and you are given all the handouts for all 6 weeks, so you will always know where you are heading in your training. You are also encouraged to reach out to me for assistance whenever you need it.

Price:  $225 for 6 weeks

Why Train With Anything’s PAWSable?

Regardless of our vision of how our dog will act or perform, a solid foundation is critical. This foundation must be built upon the dog feeling confident in whatever we are asking it to do. The dog needs to understand and trust the process. We cannot ‘assume’ that he ‘knows it’. Dogs always do the BEST they can with the EDUCATION they are given in the ENVIRONMENT we are asking them to perform in. All of Anything’s PAWSable classes are designed to build layers of understanding for your dog to help him be more successful. Both group classes and individual assistance are available.