Puppy Start Right Class

The objective of Puppy Start Right is to provide an immediately available class for the youngest of puppies, beginning at 8 weeks, as recommended by The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, which recommends puppy classes for ALL puppies 8-16 weeks of age (please see the PDFs below). This is a place to begin dog/owner relationship training and canine social skills while puppies are waiting to begin the more structured Kindergarten Puppy class. 

The instant availability of this class takes advantage of the puppy socialization period that occurs between 8-16 weeks of age.  However, this is more than just a play socialization class.  The Puppy Start Right class is divided into 4 weekly class themes.  Each class will be proceeded by a corresponding video the owner can watch.  There is also an orientation video that the owner watches before attending the 1st class.   Because the class is a “drop-in” modular style, puppy owners can start at any time.  Each of the weekly themes will include prevention topics, prevention exercises and training topics.  These are all part of each of the 4 following weekly themes:

  • Health and Handling
  • Wheels and Children’s Toys
  • Obstacles and Sounds
  • Costumes and Appearances
Price: $125 includes 4 classes of group puppy socialization, 5 video-on-demand Puppy Start Right videos, a free clicker, and the Puppy Start Right book.

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Why Learn With Anything’s PAWSable?

Puppies are learning every minute, with our without our influence.  The solution is to provide an environment to make learning good manners easy and engaging in inappropriate behavior less desirable for the puppy.  Anything’s PAWSable’s different puppy programs make sure you don’t miss these critical windows of opportunity.  The training is based upon what science tells us about how learning occurs in the mind of the animal.